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AI based Patent Drafting SaaS: Data Security Concerns

Mahish K. Guru

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Read the following Linkedin Post by a founder of big IP firms as a precursor to this one.

Link Here.

I am one of those people who are selling an AI-enhanced workflow SaaS ( aimed at patent agents and attorneys, it's important to clarify that we cannot view/ utilize any data uploaded to our platform for training AI.

Addressing the aforementioned concerns, it's crucial to recognize that the future of patent drafting will likely involve tools like ours, whether one agrees with it or not. To remain competitive, many will adopt cloud-based solutions.

Data Privacy and Security Risks:

There is always a risk for data security; data security is a myth. There is enough data and anecdotal evidence to support that your information is better secured on a server (in a cloud) than on your local system, or even a pen drive locked in a cabinet.

Source: Tech Beacon, Why your data is safer on Cloud Premises?

Even MS365, which you are using for your documents and Outlook/most secured OneDrive that you use, is as secure as the Azure cloud server provided by the same entity, Microsoft.

Source: Cloud Zero, Cloud Computing Statistics

Potential Breach of Confidentiality:

What makes you assured that your Windows is keeping your data safe? Or your document editor? Or are you using pen and paper? When you trust Microsoft to store your data locally and not read it, then what is stopping you from trusting an organization that is using the same Microsoft to use and communicate the data back to you? This organization has signed a legal contract with you to never breach the communication, by the way. If you question the sanctity of a legal document to safeguard your rights, then are you sure you really believe in the patent system in general?

Lack of Control Over Data:

We at believe in complete transparency of how the data is stored and processed, even if it means disclosing some of our trade secrets. But we (and many other SaaS providers in the IP industry) believe in showing you exactly how we use your data. We have built this tool on the certification of ISO/IEC 27001, and in Germany, where data protection laws are far more stringent than anywhere in the world.

Risk of Exposure During Training:

Good news: patent documents are published publicly, for everyone to read them. Organizations like WIPO and USPTO even give API access to these databases. Why would an AI company use your data and not the data provided by them to train their AI? We at cannot even see your data without your permission, let alone use it for training.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations:

Operating from Germany, we ensure compliance with GDPR regulations. We don't access your personal data as we dont have to sell you toilet cleaner or toothbrush because you pay us for the service.

Having worked for a year at BMW and filed two patents with them as an inventor (by the way, BMW is the most paranoid German company about their data), even they realize the potential of cloud-based SaaS and are also using/buying them after looking at future trends.

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